Both of my daughters have attended FSMA and they both had a wonderful experience. My youngest is still with them for another year before entering kindergarten.

My eldest had a seamless transition from preschool into kindergarten because of FSMA. The routine based approach they have and how the children are prepared for transitions made the change to kindergarten an easy adjustment for my daughter. All her teachers were impressed and happy to see how easily she took to the change and how quick she transitioned from one activity to the next. With our second daughter, FSMA was instrumental for not just her, but also us.

Our daughter was very much attached to me (mom) and FSMA gave her, and me, the independence we both needed. I know that in a year when she goes off to kindergarten she will be ready thanks to FSMA.


The Lewandowski Family





Our son attended FSMA and had a wonderful experience. The teachers were very attentive to his needs, they helped him develop his independence and grow intellectually with various sensory activities. They listened to the parents' needs and requests and were always available for consultation and progress reports on our child's development.
... FSMA goes above and beyond to ensure their children are well looked after, loved and giving every opportunity to learn and grow.
My husband and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for our son. Wishing you all the best in the future.

Genevieve and Alastair Henderson





We wanted to enthusiastically recommend Future Scholars Montessori Academy (FSMA) to anyone looking for childcare in the Ottawa area. Last year, we enrolled our 12 month old twins, Charlotte and Griffin, at FSMA and we have had no regrets with that decision.
We know it can be a difficult decision to choose who to entrust with the safety of your children. However, we want to let any perspective parents know that FSMA is an amazing and caring place. It is obvious to us each day that the staff genuinely cared about our children, and that the kids return that affection. Every morning Charlotte and Griffin are excited to put on their boots and coats when we tell them it is time for school. In the afternoons it is sometimes a struggle to pull them away from their friends, toys and teachers when it was time to go home.
From an educational perspective, it has been a sheer pleasure to watch the growth of our children as they learn practical skills from the Montessori curriculum including eating with utensils, stacking blocks, doing crafts and sitting quietly to listen to a story, among other things. They have truly thrived in the time they have spent at FSMA and it's exciting to see all of the new skills that they bring home to show us. They also eat more enthusiastically there than they ever do at home - I guess they really like the food that is served!
It is so reassuring to us to send them somewhere where we know they are well taken care of and very happy.

Danielle and Tim Audas





It is our pleasure to share our experiences with, and recommend the Future Scholars Montessori Academy to any prospective parent(s).

Our daughter has been with Miss Priyanka and Miss Agata for over 8 months now in the Toddler program, and we are pleased to register our second child with them as well. Throughout her attendance, our daughter has grown intellectually in many ways, as the Academy and faculty foster a nurturing, yet educational environment. Her confidence and independence has grown, from getting ready (e.g., coats, boots, etc.) on her own, to sharing aspects of their curriculum (e.g., songs, stories, French language, counting, recognizing letters and sounds) with our family.

The faculty has been exceptional in encouraging and helping to achieve major milestones in her development, such as eating on her own, toilet training, as well as socializing in a safe and fun manner with the other children. The faculty work together with the parents on a personal level through daily communications, and consistently share aspects of the curriculum through either newsletters or e-mail communications - all of which are much appreciated! The facility is clean, well-maintained and sufficient for all of the Academy's programs.


Juliska and Paul Bacchus





Future Scholars Montessori Academy is a wonderful place. At the age of 2, my daughter loves to go to school in the morning to see her teachers and her friends. The communication between teachers, administration and parents is outstanding! We get a daily written summary of her activities, progress and any milestones achieved as well as any difficulties encountered during the day. As a parent, it is very comforting knowing that we're fully informed and that we will be told of any concerns right away. My daughter's growing independence and pride in her accomplishments shines through every day and I know that FSMA plays a huge role in her confidence and development. Our second daughter will be attending when the time comes for me to return to work, and I am worry-free about the care she will receive in the infant class.

We are so happy to be part of the FSMA family!

Amy Vandenhoven