Facility and Neighbourhood

Future Scholars Montessori Academy is a Montessori school and daycare in Ottawa, centrally located, in a wonderful newly-renovated facility. Our address is 1920 Bank St. - just south of Walkley Rd.

The building features a fenced-in yard; full of toys to develop the childrens gross, and fine motor skills and allow for plenty of free play to foster socialization and independence.
Also, the building allows for plenty of parking in order to drop off and pick up your child with ease.

FSMA is easily accessible from:

  • Central Park - take Baseline Rd. East, turn right onto Riverside Rd., left onto Walkley Rd., and right onto Bank St.
  • Canada Post - take Riverside Rd. South, turn left onto Walkley Rd., and right onto Bank St.
  • Glebe - take Bank St. South, just past Walkley Rd.

FSMA's hours of operation are between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm. The Montessori part of the day is between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. Parents can choose a most suitable time within those time frames for their child. Please inquire with the office as to which options would work best for you.


Future Scholars Montessori Academy adheres to a very strict hiring procedures to ensure the best teachers for its students. All staff follow the Ministry of Education guidelines in order to become employed at FSMA. Our teachers are Montessori trained, or have completed their Early Childhood Education studies. They work together to design and implement the curriculums for each program.
All staff credentials are on display at FSMA. We look forward to having the opportunity to share them with you.


Future Scholars Montessori Academy opened its doors in January of 2013. FSMA is built on the passion of its creators, Mrs. Agata Attersoll and Mrs. Priyanka Aggarwal. The two ladies met at a Montessori school they both worked at and quickly realized that they share a vision of what an inspiring Montessori school should be. The inspiration to open their own educational institution came after watching their children learn about the world at Montessori schools in Ottawa. The education they received propelled the Directors to open Future Scholars Montessori Academy.
FSMA is designed to follow the Montessori Method. The classrooms cater to children's needs and their developmental stages. Everything is designed to follow the child. The prepared environments of each classroom allow the children to learn to the utmost of their potential.

Agata Attersoll has been a Montessori Directress for over a decade. She earned her American Montessori Society credentials in 2000. Agata was lucky to have wonderful, inspiring teachers like Ms. Elaine Flett, owner of Tall Pines Motnessori School in Brampton, as well as Ms. Darcelle Butler, who works and lives Montessori in Louisiana.
Since then, Agata has worked at the Casa level, inspiring children to be the best they can be.
Agata's higher education was completed at Ottawa's Carleton University where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature.
Agata's inspiration to open her own school came after watching both her daughters attend Montessori schools from Infant through Casa levels. The education they received there has helped them immensely in the "real world". Agata's interest is to be part of a school not just dedicated to educating young minds, but preparing children for the world of tomorrow. The characteristics of independence, confidence and lifelong curiosity about learning are what Future Scholars Montessori Academy promotes and instills in their children.

Agata can be contacted at info@futurescholarsmontessori.com

Priyanka's passion for Montessori began upon her arrival in Canada in 1996. She discovered the Montessori Philosophy and Method by researching and reading the many available published materials about it. Her passion evolved further upon enrolling her son at a Montessori school. She was duly impressed with how children were learning such advanced work at such an early age. What was more impressive though, was the enthusiasm they exhibited.
Using the degrees she earned in India, Priyanka embarked on a teaching career at a Montessori school in Ottawa. She was inspired by the specific, hands-on method of education. Priyanka's Montessori career flourished upon her move to a different school, where she not only was placed in the classroom, but also expanded her knowledge by taking a position in the office.
Priyanka's degrees include a Bachelor's of Education and Science as well as a Master's in English.
Priyanka can be contacted at